Spreading rumor

spreadingrumorSpreading rumor (from the series Conundrum)

Ink, watercolor, graphite

15″ x 22″


One thought on “Spreading rumor

  1. Matt Kelly’s work is a feast for your eyes… And I’m still hungry for more!

    This drawing “Rumor” is visually dynamic in the way the artists contrasts the organic tension of these progressive /bellowing plumes near these toxic lava pockets, against these calm architectural structures/planes…. a remanent of stability. These architectural structures are a sanctuary for your eyes to rest but also a clear pathway to glide to other areas within the design.

    My favorite part is the small dark area that vaguely looks like a grotesque inside…. For me, this dark area is the source of the rumor… small- minded, cowardly and hidden.

    Symbolically for me, the rumor is the green lollipop shape rising…. In a sense, the ‘one’ that got away…enticing in color, eatable, seductively toxic and incredibly hard to resist….

    Translation: Hey Matt it’s your old roommate from 842 Maryland…remember me?? Coffee cave chats, choc covered expresso beans binges, chicken and roasted red pepper nights, right sided squeaking boot, front stoop breakfast and a occasional beating with the cucumber phone when you gave me that dry sarcastic remark???? Well if this brought a smile to your face I would love to touch base and hear your story…. I LOVE your new work and your statements are so thoughtful. Cheers Michelle fan#269

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