Old Habits


Graphite, ink, watercolor on toned paper

15″ x 22″



Digital print, ink

11.5″ x 17″

Precario is an experiment in transforming a standard still-life photograph into something entirely different. The still-life was digitally printed and then I drew a cityscape over the top of it using the shapes of the objects as a general guide.

Just as I Imagined


Graphite, watercolor, ink on toned paper

15″ x 22″

While my intention was to create a landscape image in a more unnatural form, this piece continued to lean toward something much more illustrative. The title Just as I Imagined is more of a sarcastic comment than anything truthful.

Arctic Terns

arctic ternsArctic Terns is a collaboration between poet, Keith Ratzlaff, and myself. We started with the theme “migration” and developed the poem and imagery along the way. From time to time we would share our drafts and sketches with each other. Keith tells me he is still dissatisfied with the last line of his poem. This is a small scale artist’s book (approximately 6.5″ x 4.5″) editioned to 5.

My Own Expectations

expectationsGraphite, watercolor, ink on toned paper

15″ x 22″

My Own Expectations came about while considering the pressures we place on ourselves no matter if it is work we are doing for others or work of our own. Sometimes it is very restrictive, even getting in the way of progress. Other times it is all about quality control.

The Nerve…

the nerveGraphite, watercolor and ink on toned paper

15″ x 22″

The Nerve… is an image that I have fought with for some time now. I had been thinking about insensitive, insincere or even hurtful comments made to me and those I have made to others. I can usually throw away those by others but the comments I am responsible for stay with me like a permanent stain on my conscience.  A not so subtle reminder that I am a work in progress. “The Nerve…”seems an appropriate title.


I Hear It Now

I Hear It Now

Etching, Drypoint, Aquatint on handmade paper
8″ x 12″

One very simple experience I would love to have is to look up at the night sky and see the density of stars in the milky way without the pollution of light by civilization. Hiking deep enough in the woods where the pollution of sound by civilization no longer exists, is fantastic and unnerving. The things you can actually hear may surprise you. This experience is the inspiration for I Hear It Now.