I Hear It Now

I Hear It Now

Etching, Drypoint, Aquatint on handmade paper
8″ x 12″

One very simple experience I would love to have is to look up at the night sky and see the density of stars in the milky way without the pollution of light by civilization. Hiking deep enough in the woods where the pollution of sound by civilization no longer exists, is fantastic and unnerving. The things you can actually hear may surprise you. This experience is the inspiration for I Hear It Now.

I Wish I Had…

I wish I had

Ink, graphite, and watercolor on toned paper

15″x 22″

While I firmly believe that I have a great life with very little that I regret, the regrets I do have are all about how I have treated someone. I Wish I Had…is about those regrets when I found myself thinking “I wish I had treated that person more kindly”, “I wish I had not been so defensive” and so on. These regrets are constant reminders that no matter how old or wise you are it is never too late to be an inconsiderate jerk. Empathy and compassion are always works in progress. This drawing is now in the collection of Tom and Wendy Vander Well.



Optimistic, from the Anatomy of Potential series

Watercolor, ink, graphite

15″ x 22″

For a long time I thought this piece was going to be about a stifling mental block that prevents someone from moving forward even when they see the benefits of doing so. Instead, as the image developed I saw this as an optimistic attitude in the face of difficult circumstances. I have myself, at one point or another, exhibited both behaviors and continue to do so.

My Heroes


My Heroes, from the Anatomy of Potential series

Ink and graphite

15″ x 22″

I was recently thinking about my friends and family whom I hold in high regard for their strength of character, empathy and ability to be at peace with their flaws, as I struggle to be at peace with my own. This piece is now in the collection of Charles and Mary Strey.